Cuba Gooding Jr ‘Groping’ Footage Thigh, Breast Of Accuser Emerges (Video)

Footage that his accuser says substantiates her claim Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr touched her inappropriately emerged overnight.

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Surveillance video from the New York City bar where the two met indeed seems to shows Mr Gooding Jr touching the thigh of a woman who had him arrested for alleged ‘groping’ her.

During a court appearance in Manhattan, the well known actor was seen making funny faces.

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The video, which surfaced on Thursday, shows the Jerry Maguire star at the Magic Hour Rooftop Lounge in midtown Manhattan with his girlfriend, Claudine De Niro, at around 10:15pm on Sunday night.

The two are seen sitting on a couch when the accuser takes a seat next to De Niro.

Almost immediately, Gooding reaches across De Niro’s body and places his hand on the accuser’s left thigh.

TMZ went a step further and wrote in it’s accompanying text that it can be seen in the footage that Mr ‘Cuba Gooding Jr. definitely touched the thigh and breast of the woman accusing him of groping.’

We let it up to the courts to decide, but it looks like the woman didn’t seem to mind much at the time.

Source and picture credit: TMZ



  1. She approached him, when he put his hand upon her upper thigh, she didnt remove his hand nor move away from his reach, and left his hand on her breath long enough to condone it, it looked like she only removed it out of humility for being in public.


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