French Elite Fails To Actually Deposit Notre Dame Pledges – Only 9% Received

The rich and powerful in France were quick to outdo each other in promising large sums for the reconstruction of the beloved Parisian cathedral Notre-Dame.

However, French media has discovered that of the 850 million euros which was promised, only some 80 million (or 9%) has actually been received.

An anonymous source at the charity organizer declared: ‘This means that many of those who said they were donating to the cause just haven’t bothered.’

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At one time the fund pledges reached the one billion euro mark, but we seem a long way away from that figure now.’

French’s richest patriarchs  (the Arnault family and the Pinault family) had each pledged over 100 million Euro in a clear bid to outdo each other. None of their monies has yet been deposited.



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