Saudi Crown Prince’s Sister Called Into French Court For Abuse

A sister of the famous Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, Hassa bint Salman, has to appear in a Paris court this July for a violent crime. The French judicial authorities accuse her of being involved in the mistreatment of a plumber who carried out work in her apartment in Paris back in 2016. According to the prosecutors, she has instructed her bodyguard to beat up the victim. She would also have humiliated the workman.

According to the victim’s story, the princess got angry when the plumber took a shot of the room where he had to work. The woman ranted that he wanted to sell photos to the tabloid press. He would have been beaten, tied up and forced to kiss the princess’s feet.

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An arrest warrant against Hassa bint Salman has already been issued in 2017. It is unlikely that she will attend the trial on July 9.

Her 33-year-old brother is considered the strong man in Saudi Arabia who relentlessly anchors and expands his power. He is seen as the driving force behind the bloodshed in Yemen and as the evil brain behind the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, at the beginning of October in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

Picture credit: Naharnet


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