German Shock: 5 Young Boys (Aged 12 to 14) Raped And Attacked Young Woman (18)

Germany was shocked to learn of the arrest of a group of five youngsters who had attacked and raped an young woman aged 18. The woman was hospitalized last night with severe bruises, reports the German police.

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The suspected teenagers all have the Bulgarian nationality. They allegedly attacked and raped their victim in a park near the center of town. The crime was noticed by a woman in a nearby home because her dog continued to bark. She saw the victim and two fleeing perpetrators, reports the police.

The alarmed police were able to arrest the five boys in the neighborhood. In Germany, children cannot be prosecuted if they have not reached the age of 14.

The events took place in the town of Mülheim an der Ruhr.

Germans are shocked with many on social media commenting the case.

According to Tabloid newspaper Bild, police also found video of the boys’ crime on their mobile phones.

Picture credit: Bild


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