Germans Furious As More Details Of Shock Youth ‘Gangr**e’ Emerge (Video)

As we told you already (see related coverage for yesterday’s article), 5 very young Bulgarian boys (aged between 12 and 14) were arrested in Germany yesterday for having attacked, raped and videotaped their actions against an 18-year-old woman in a park in Mulheim and der Ruhr.

Germany is shocked as more details emerge about the horrible crime.

Credit - Bild

The boys are said to have lured the woman, an 18-year-old resident from Mülheim, into the bushes. When the woman realized that the Bulgarian teenagers had wrong intentions, they became furious, the police said.

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“There was violence, gross violence,” admitted a police spokesperson on Sunday evening to the gathered press.

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Tabloid newspaper Bild reports that the victim was hit several times in the face and that the perpetrators forced her into oral sex. That is not yet confirmed by the police.

One local resident was alarmed by her dogs, who did not stop barking. When they entered their garden, they saw the woman and two of the perpetrators in the bushes behind. The perpetrators fled. The man found the abused woman wounded and traumatized on the ground and alerted the police.

The young woman was taken to the hospital for treatment. Her mother was reported to have had a nervous breakdown following the incident.

Based on the description given by the victim, the police were able to quickly locate the five suspects. Because children under the age of 14 cannot be prosecuted in Germany, the two youngest suspects were transferred to their parents. The three of fourteen went to the police station and spent a night in jail, but are still free to await the investigation.

The incident is reminiscent of a case from more than a year ago in Velbert, a place not far from Mülheim an der Ruhr. There, eight Bulgarian teenagers were convicted of raping a 13-year-old girl. The perpetrators were given sentences of up to four years and nine months in prison.

 Picture credit: Bild



    1. I don’t want to say that all Gypsies are bad. But as a matter of fact, such crimes do happen within the Gypsy minority everywhere. And then the blame goes to all ethnic Bulgarians who would never do such heinous crime, let alone in Germany that is respected as a cultural European center for long generations. I guess Germany and other European countries have similar problems.


  1. Germany has a “gypsy problem” because its elites wanted this demographic shift at all costs, and Soros paid for it. This is going to happen more and more in Germany, and the victims will be the German people — as well as all other native Western people. When I see those “Refugees Welcome” sign, I know what we are being buried alive in PC garbage. If the German people don’t rise up against their illegitimate government, they will deserve to fade away and be replaced. Berlin will be an African city in my lifetime. What a crime against Germany.


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