Mexicans Hilariously Mock ‘Excited’ New Finance Minister’s ‘Best Day Ever’ (Video)

A political video in which Mexican president Andres Manuel Lopez appointed Arturo Herrera as his new finance minister (after his predecessor suddenly resigned when the second largest economy in Latin America began to falter) has gone viral for all the wrong reasons. Some 15,000 Mexicans commented already, and they are all pointing to the same thing.

Official video:

While Herrera is standing diagonally in front of him, President Lopez Obrador first speaks for about six minutes addressing the letter of resignation from Minister Carlos Urzua, who publicly accused the government of economic policy-making without a solid foundation.

Herrera looks sad and ‘unwilling’ to accept the position while Lopez Obrador tries to disprove the accusations made by his predecessor one by one.

Some said that the brand new minister looked like a naughty schoolboy who gets a scolding, so all the attention goes to him rather than to the speech of the president.

Various suggestions are already being made on social media about what was going through the man’s mind at the time: “what if I resigned now?” “I should have studied childcare!” And the ironic “best day ever!” are but some of the suggestions that came up.



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