UK Director Asked: ‘Can I Harvey Weinstein Your A***?’ (Video)

59-year-old Mr Mark Harris, who owns a thriving string of matrass shops in the UK known as, has been ordered to pay some $50,000 to one of his female managers with whom he had become obsessed.

Mr Harris, who weirdly enough stars in a number of ads for his business featuring ladies in underwear (in the video he says for example: ‘Foam cut to size. I grant you, not as sexy as Roxanne here, but it’s what gets me out of bed in the morning.’), said to his manager Lorraine Shotton things like ‘I want you’ and ‘can I Harvey Weinstein your a***?’

Although the woman had initially flirted with herself with her boss, grinding on him at an office Christmas party and saying she was not wearing underwear, she said that she asked him to stop afterwards.

‘He would spontaneously kiss me, stroke or sniff my hair, put his hands inside my clothes, sexually hug me, sit me on his knee, ask for sex/sexual favours,’ she explained.

As he went on to unload sexy messages on her, she finally lodged a formal grievance against boss

Mr Harris has now been ordered to hand her a $30,000 payout plus interest and back pay, totaling some $50,000.


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