650,000 Agree To ‘Storm Area 51’ (Video)

Almost 650,000 people have signed up for a Facebook event calling for a joint storming of Area 51, the highly-secret military base in the Nevada desert. They want to see the ‘Martians and UFOs’ who would be there according to all kinds of conspiracy theories.

The event entitled “Storm Area 51, they can’t stop us all” should take place on September 20th. It is not clear whether the call is intended as a joke.

The base has been around for decades, but it was only acknowledged in 2013 that it was a military site after an appeal had been made to the American government to open it up.


The gigantic military terrain has been a source of conspiracy theories and stories about secret experiments for many years.

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The boundaries of the area are constantly monitored and signs warn that “deadly force” may be used against people who gain unauthorized access. Tour bus passengers coming to the outskirts of the area regularly receive a red laser dot on their forehead from the desert.

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