Instagram Model Blasted For ‘Cruel’ Horse Picture (Video)

Instagram model Kristen Hancher has been slammed for posing with a horse in the sea in order to make the perfect photo for her fans. The young woman – who often imitates photos of Kylie Jenner and has 5.8 million followers on Instagram – is not only blamed for going into the water with the horse.

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Horse lovers also think she is riding the animal in the wrong way. “Like that the poor animal gets a back injury,” “animal abuse” and “disgusting,” reactions to the photo read.

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Hancher is supported by a loyal group of fans who point out to the critics that “horses can swim very well”.

Furthermore, in certain Caribbean areas – where the photo was taken – tourists can go on hikes on horses that walk a bit through the water.

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The team behind the model also defends the photo and stated that “the horse was never in danger”. According to a reaction to entertainment website Buzzfeed, a guide was present to ensure that nothing could go wrong and there were no waves when the horse was in the water.

“Kristen is an animal lover,” they say.

“She has two dogs herself. She would never do anything that would put any animal ever in a dangerous situation. ”Hancher himself has not yet responded to the photo, which has already collected hundreds of thousands of likes on Instagram.


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