New Leaked UK Ambassador Emails: ‘Trump Left Iran Deal To Annoy Obama’

New leaked e-mails from the now resigned UK Ambassador Kim Darroch are being published in the British newspaper Mail on Sunday. In it, the ambassador writes that US President Trump only withdrew the US from the nuclear agreement with Iran because the deal was concluded under his Democratic predecessor, President Obama.

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“An act of diplomatic vandalism,” Darroch stated. Meanwhile, the British police have a suspect in their sights who is said to have leaked Darroch’s emails, reports the Sunday Times.

Darroch wrote the e-mail in question after the then Foreign Minister, Boris Johnson, urged the US in 2018 not to leave the nuclear agreement. After Johnson’s return to the United Kingdom from the US, Darroch wrote that Trump wanted to withdraw from the agreement for “personal reasons.”

‘The outcome illustrates the paradox of this White House: you get extraordinary access, everyone except the president sees; but at the heart of the matter, the administration is set up on a matter of diplomatic vandalism: apparently for ideological and personality reasons: it was Obama’s deal,’ wrote the British ambassador.

According to Darroch, there was a great deal of disagreement among Trump’s advisers about the country’s strategy. There was no plan for contact between partners and allies from the US, the ambassador said.

In emails published last week, the British ambassador called the Trump administration “clumsy and incapable.”

That aroused the anger of Donald Trump, who described Darroch as “a very stupid guy” with whom he no longer wanted to do business. The ambassador himself stepped up on Wednesday, because he said it was “impossible” to continue doing his job.

The latest leaked emails appear in the newspaper today despite a warning from the British police, who earlier this week stated that journalists bringing out the ambassador’s communication may be breaking the law.

However, both politicians and the media are opposed to the warning from Scotland Yard. Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt says he will “defend the right of the press to publish the leaks if they believe it is in the public interest.” Boris Johnson, who, like Hunt, is in the running to succeed Theresa May as prime minister, stated that the person responsible for the leak must be traced, but it was the police’s job to warn the media.


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