Spanish Mother Furious As Lesbians Kiss In Barcelona Metro (Video)

An angry confrontation between three women in the Barcelona metro: a lesbian couple were being scorned by a mother because they were kissing in public.

“I am disgusted by your kissing,” she says. The female couple has filed a complaint and Spanish police is investigating the case.

The angry tirade was aimed at Carla Gallen and her girlfriend. The young lady was able to make pictures of the lively discussion herself, after which she posted them on social media.

“My partner and I fell victim to homophobic aggression in the metro last Wednesday,” she added. “A woman insulted us and attacked us because we were kissing.” Gallen also regrets that almost no one intervened

In the video you can see how the mother with a buggy verbally insults the couple.

She doesn’t like the fact that she is being filmed as well. “What will you do with those images? You must respect me and then I respect you. I have a brother who is gay, but at least he doesn’t kiss in front of me. Because he respects me. “

In the meantime, the lesbians note that their conversation partner is homophobic and racist. “Yes, and then?” Is the answer. “Seeing you kissing makes me sick.”

Maria – because that is her name – has apologized to the gay community in a short film for the Spanish newspaper “La Vanguardia” “I’m definitely not homophobic. They kissed each other in public in front of minors, that was what disturbed me. I don’t care that they are lesbian. “


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  1. The mom has a right to express her revulsion over public behavior by the lesbians which is intended to shock and to be inflammatory. When LGBTQ people dangle their “lifestyle choices” in the public’s face, they should expect such expressions of revulsion.


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