‘Censorship To Speak About Merkel’s Illness’ Within Her Own Party

Within Angela Merkel’s conservative party CDU, there is a “censorship” installed to discuss the apparent illness of the German Chancellor. That writes ‘Bild’, the most read newspaper in Germany. Merkel led the CDU until December last year.

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According to the newspaper, the party “pretends that Angela Merkel has never had three shaking attacks.”

“Even international media are asking themselves questions about the health of the Federal Chancellor, but within the CDU the subject is taboo,”

The “mysterious shaking crisis”, as Bild writes, is ” subject number one in the German media”.

Merkel sat down yesterday for a ceremony with folk songs at the reception of the Danish prime minister, a day after she had started shaking again in public. Merkel will soon turn 65.

The Federal Chancellor, who has been in power for almost 14 years, assured onlookers she was in good health.

According to Bild, she underwent thorough medical examinations after her first attack on 18 June, alongside Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenski.


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