R Kelly Filmed Himself Having Sex With 4 Teens And Then Lost The Tape

R&B singer R. Kelly, accused of sexual abuse, has done everything to keep his sexual contacts with teenage girls a secret. This was revealed by the federal prosecutors of Illinois and New York.

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According to their research, the ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ singer filmed himself while having sex with four underage girls.

He lost the tape and paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to those involved to get the images back.

Kelly was arrested Thursday night, local time, in Chicago on suspicion of human trafficking for sexual purposes. One of the charges is about a video tape he probably made in 1998 in the presence of four teenage girls.

Kelly heard a few years later that some videos of this sexual contact were missing from his “collection.”

He then began to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to various people to get them back, according to the judiciary.

According to the prosecutors, Kelly and his former manager have facilitated a trip abroad for one of the girls involved and her parents in order for them not to be available for a criminal investigation.

They also gave them gifts, including a luxury car and large sums of money to lie to investigators and hide the girl’s sexual relationship with Kelly.

According to Steve Greenberg, Kelly’s lawyer, it was no surprise to the singer that the allegations of sexual abuse were also being investigated at a federal level. “He was aware of the investigation and the indictment was no surprise.” Greenberg confirms that the 52-year-old singer was arrested while walking his dog.

Picture credit – South China Morning Post


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